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* Windows 7 - End Of Life January 14, 2020 *

Image result for windows 7 end of life extendedOn January 14, 2020, Microsoft ceased security updates for PCs with Windows 7!

Though Microsoft ceased support for Windows 7 you can continue to use Windows 7 devices after support has ended. Your PC will still work, but it will become vulnerable to security risks and viruses because you will no longer receive software updates, including security updates, from Microsoft.

 This also means HardSoft will, in turn, be unable to support this operating system very soon as it will be susceptible to Virus', hacking and software/hardware support.

With the end for Windows 7, it will also signal to other software and hardware companies to stop supporting that older version of Windows with their own software and hardware too. For instance, the new version of SolidWorks only runs on Windows 10. This shift will not be immediate and is worth checking with your Software providers when that will be.

You could consider upgrading the software on each Windows 7 device. Microsoft offers Windows 10 Professional at £181 plus VAT. This is not a 'quick upgrade' and would involve a degree of technical skill to move the data back off then on and reinstall all your software. We estimate it is a full days work to upgrade a PC on this method. If HardSoft were to do this for you then you are looking at a bill per PC of approx £500 for the license and the engineer to migrate data. Certainly, that's not economic when a new faster PC that comes with Windows 10 professional will come in cheaper.

Please contact us for a quote to either upgrade your existing machine to Windows 10 or replace these machines with new Windows 10 variants.

This way your will keep your employees productive and secure and the business safe..

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