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How to setup Multi Factor Authentication on Office 365

With the increased amount of customers coming to us after their Office 365 Email Account has been hacked into, we would highly recommend enabling MFA onto your email accounts which will add a secure 2nd layer of authorisation to your emails. No-one will be able to get into your email unless they enter a PIN code which is sent to your mobile phone.

The result of a user opening a SPAM email and being asked to log into Office 365 or their Office 365 account being brute force attacked, Once the account has been breached, someone malicious accesses the email account and then sends SPAM emails and or sending emails to your clients asking for money to be transferred into the hackers account.

So we highly suggest following the instructions below to setup MultiFactorAuthorisation onto your email accounts held with Microsoft Office 365.

How to enable MFA on your Office 365 accounts

1: Open your internet browser and navigate to

2: Sign in with your ADMIN email address and your current ADMIN password

3. Select the Admin icon on screen

4. On the left select "Show All" and select "Azure Active Directory"

5. Select "Users" on the left and now choose the "Multi Factor Auth" tab along the top

6. Now you can select each account and "enable" MFA

* Please bear in mind that once enabled, shortly afterwards your devices may ask for the new MFA password.

How users can now enter their Mobile number for authentication.

1. The users can now go to and sign in with their email address and email password

2. Once they start to login they will be prompted to add Additional Information.

Choose your authentication method and then follow the prompts on the screen.

3. The user can now choose their location, mobile number and choose "Send me code by text"

4. Once they have completed this wizard ensure the user keeps a copy of the App password displayed onscreen.  This will need to be used on Microsoft Outlook and any other applications that prompt for a password after enabling MFA.

Image of the copy icon to copy the app password to your clipboard.

Note. If required you can create new App passwords by logging back into your email account at

1. Sign into with your email address and email master password.

2. Click your Initials top right and choose "View Account"

3. Select "Security and Privacy"

4. Select "Additional Security Verification" and then "Create and Manage App Passwords"

5. Now from here you can create additional App passwords

Note. Once you have created a new App password they take several minutes before working.

Now you have MFA enabled your email account is secure and no-one will be able to breach your mailbox unless they have your email password and an ability to access your text messages.

Of course if you are a HardSoft customer we can help with any process of this by contacting us HERE.

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