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Working Remotely

During these troubling times everyone is looking to work from home.
Below is our suggestion to get you up and running.

Image result for teamviewer working from homeWe are recommending you use a free program called Teamviewer.
It is free for personal use and great for the temporary period.  However there is an option to purchase the product for around £10 per month for their unrestricted business solution.
You can download for free from and works with both Windows and Macs.

It will need to be installed on your Office PC and at home.
Remembering to make a note of the Teamviewer ID and Teamviewer Password displayed once installed on the Office PC.
The ID will never change but the password will change periodically, there is also an option when installing Teamviewer on the Office PC to add an unattended (personal) password so that it never changes.

Note. Your Office PC will need to stay switched on and you may need to change the sleep power settings so your Office PC does not turn off.

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