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Staff Working from Home? How to Create a VPN Connection for Windows 10 Users.

More and more businesses have staff working from home to avoid the spread of Covid-19, meaning there is an increased need for VPNs (Virtual Private Network). Most businesses generally use VPNs to ensure that nobody who is unauthorised has access to their networks. 

Below you will find instructions on how to create a VPN connection for Windows 10 Users in your business.

Creating a VPN connection for Windows 10 Users


**Do not type the " marks **

Type "VPN" in the search bar on the bottom of the screen

Select "VPN Settings"

Now click "Add a VPN Connection"

Select VPN Provider to "Windows (built-in)

Type Connection name "XXXXXXXVPN"

Type Server name or address as "X.X.X.X"

Select the VPN Type as "L2TP/IPsec with Pre-Shared key"

Type in Pre-Shared key as:   XXXXXXX

Type of sign-in info should be set as Username and Password

Please use Username:    FirstnameLastname    (capital letter on each name no spaces)

Password:                          SPA504g!

Click SAVE

You can establish the VPN connection by clicking the Wireless or network icon down by the clock

Select the VPN and click connect.

Once Connected you will be able to now connect to the Server by following below.

On your keyboard press the Windows Key and R

This should open up a RUN box

In the Open box type the following: \\192.168.1.X and click OK.

Enter your usual computer login you use when in the office.

You will now see the shared folders, right-click on these and select Create Shortcut

It will ask if you would like the shortcut on your desktop so select YES.

Now you can connect to the data on the server by using the shortcut.

Bearing in mind you will always need to connect via VPN to open the DATA.


If you need help creating your VPN connection, you can contact the HardSoft technical team on 020 7111 1643.

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