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Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account

Step 1:

Launch a web browser on your computer or device (Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer).

Step 2:

Go to the login page. You can go there in two (2) ways:

i. Enter in the address bar.
ii. Enter in the address bar, and then click Login on the upper right corner.

ringcentral,com - login

Step 3:

Enter your Phone Number or Email in the field provided, and then click Next.

9.3 login 1

NOTE:  For Phone Number, you may enter your RingCentral Direct Phone Number or your RingCentral Main Company Number.

Step 4:

If you have entered your Phone Number, click the drop-down button to select the region where your account is located, enter your Extension Number, and then the Password. Click Sign In.

NOTE: You need ensure that you have selected the correct region of your account. The website automatically detects geo-location and you may not be able to log in successfully if the number of your account does not match the correct region. You will also need to specify your Extension Numberif there are two (2) or more Administrators on your RingCentral account and to avoid confusion from logging in to a different User account.  

login 1 - phone

If you have entered your Email, enter your Password then click Sign in.

login 1 - email

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