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Microsoft Office Crashing

If your Office package is crashing please refer to the below.

Are you having Problems with Office hanging, freezing or not responding? The below are common issues which may cause this. 

  • This issue can occur if you have not installed the latest updates.
  • Office may be in use by another process.
  • A previously installed add-in may be interfering with Office.
  • You may need to repair your Office programs.
  • Antivirus software may be outdated, or conflicting.

The first thing you will want to do is run Windows Update to make sure office is fully up to date. Please refer to the below links on how to do this on your operating system.

Windows 7

Windows 7 Update

Windows 10

Windows 10 Update

Apple Mac

If you have recently install High Sierra then you need to install the latest Microsoft Office updates for it to function correctly.  This can be done by opening Word or Outlook and clicking "Help" at the top and clicking "Check for Updates".

If running the updates do not fix the problem then you may need to reinstall or repair your Office programs - please close down all of your Office programs and refer to the below link on how to do this.

Office Repair & Reinstall

Please contact us via your homepage if you still need technical support which is located here.

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