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How to backup BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery Key in Windows 10

Backup your BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery Key

The BitLocker recovery key is of paramount importance and you should place it at a very convenient and safe location for each device, which you could remember easily. If you had misplaced the location of the physical recovery key, for a BitLocker encrypted drive, then you cannot decrypt the computer/drive without the backup recovery key. Rendering all of your data lost.

By following the below instructions you can back up the key in-case you lose the master decryption key.

1. Press Windows Key + Q and type BitLocker. From search results, pick Manage BitLocker entry.

2. In the BitLocker Drive Encryption window, look for the drive whose recovery key you’re required at the moment. Click on Back up your recovery key.

3. In the following window, you have three options to back up your recovery key. You can save it to Microsoft account, to a text file or you can print it to get a hard copy. You should choose to save it to a text file, which was the simplest bet. Save the text file to a most convenient location which you couldn’t forget, for example, My Documents.

4. Once you have saved the text file, open it and scroll down to check for the recovery key. In this way, you have backed up the recovery key for the specified computer.  This process will need to be completed for each machine with Bitlocker configured and a new individual recovery key is created.

* HardSoft Computers do not keep a copy of these recovery keys and you will need to back up the recovery keys yourself.

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