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PIN enabled encrypted Backup Drives

As the new GDPR directive comes in to play all of our on-site backup drives are now either PIN enabled and or Encrypted.

Which means the data stored on the backup drives is encrypted.  So if you take the backup drive off-site during rotation and lose it on the bus home no-one can access the data held on the drive without the PIN/Encryption password.

But this does mean if you are using PIN enabled drives and you plug the backup drive into your server for your daily backup you will need to enter the PIN before the scheduled backup starts.

There are 4 lights on the drive and below is a description to make sure your drive is ready.

Red: Drive is locked and unable to be used as a backup location

Orange: In setup mode to configure a new PIN

Blue:  USB Power is applied and drive is unlocked

Green:  Ready for Backup

Note: For the backup to work the Blue and Green lights should be lit.

If you have received a replacement PIN backup drive and need to assign it a new PIN then follow the instructions below.

Note: When you setup a new PIN the drive is erased and all data stored on it is deleted.

  1. Before you plug in your backup drive to the server with the supplied USB cable hold down buttons 1 & 3, and then plug in the USB cable and wait for the red and green lights.
  2. Hold down the * button until you see a red, green and orange lights
  3. Enter your 4 digit minimum PIN and then press #
  4. Enter your PIN again and press #

Now you Backup drive is ready to be formatted and ready to be included as a backup drive.  This process can be completed by contacting us here.


If you are using standard non PIN backup drives then your system should now be using our new backup software called Aomei Backupper. 

This already be setup to encrypt the backup jobs and you will only need to enter the encryption password when you want to restore your data.  This encryption password will either been given to you when setup or our Technical team will be able to retrieve this for you once we have confirmed your identification.

If you have received new standard non PIN enabled backup drives then you will need to ensure the Backup drive is ready to be formatted and ready to be included as a backup drive.  This process can also be completed by contacting us here.

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