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How to remove the Touch ID Fingerprint data

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How to Remove the Touch ID Fingerprint Data from your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Most users of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will set up their Touch ID as soon as they get it. Occasionally, you may find that when you attempt to add a fingerprint to the MacBook Pro, you get a message saying “Fingerprint limit reached”. This is most likely to occur with MacBook Pros which have been erased by a third-party or target disk mode.

Here’s how to clear the Touch ID fingerprint data from your MacBook Pro

1. Start up your MacBook Pro - or restart it while holding down Command – R. Keep holding these two keys until the Apple logo appears on MacBook Pro screen. This shortcut is used to enter Recovery Mode on a Mac.

2. When the macOS Utilities menu appears on the screen, click ‘Utilities’ in the menu bar, then select ‘Terminal’.

3. When you see the terminal prompt, type: ‘xartutil --erase-all’ then press the keyboard return.

4. You will then see a prompt asking ‘Are you sure you want to erase ALL entries (yes/no)?’ Type ‘yes’ and press the return key.

5. Now select ‘Restart’ from the Apple menu to reboot your MacBook Pro.

You will now be able to log into your MacBook Pro with your password, as normal. You can now set up your Touch ID via the System Preferences button on the Dock, alternatively select Apple Menu > System Preferences. From here you just click on the Touch ID button which you’ll find in the lower row.

At this point, you’ll be able to log into the MacBook Pro using your password. To set up Touch ID, click the System Preferences button in the Dock or select Apple  menu > System Preferences. Once in System Preferences, click on the Touch ID button located in the lower row. From here you can add fingerprints and set up Touch ID for unlocking your MacBook, buy items from iTunes and the App Store, as well as make payments with Apple Pay.

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