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Have lost connection to mapped Sharepoint drive

If you have been previously setup and using a mapped drive which is connected to your cloud storage on Microsoft Sharepoint, then please follow the instructions below to re-link and connect up your mapped drives again.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer, and go to the Office 365 sign-in page at (copy and paste)

It's important to use Internet Explorer, as this won't work in other browsers, not even the new Windows 10 browser, Edge. In Windows 10 you'll need to search for IE by hitting the Windows key and typing in "Internet Explorer".

  1. If prompted enter your email address and password, say YES to the Stay signed in? box. (Important!)

  2. Navigate to the SharePoint site by clicking the Sharepoint Icon and then on the library you wish to map to. You may have to find it using the search box at the top.

Once you have logged into the Sharepoint site your Mapped drives will continue to work and you can simply close Internet Explorer now.


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