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Restoring backup files from Aomei Backupper

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If your HardSoft Computers supplied server has been installed with Aomei Backupper then below are the instructions to restore files from your backups.

The way the Aomei Backupper software backs up your data is via a Partition backup.

This backs up the entire data disk within your server.

However when you need to restore a single file and not restore the entire data drive then you would need to follow the below instructions. 

N.b You will need to know your Server Encryption password before restoring your data.

This can be found on your spec sheet on by contacting our support team.

Open the Aomei Backupper software on your server Desktop.

  1. In the main Tab page, select Utilities and then select Explore Image.

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  3. Select the backup that you want to explore from the list box, and click Next to continue.

  4. 2.png

  5. Select a backup point and click the Next button to explore the backup image.

  6. 3.png

  7. Assign drive letters for the image partitions, and click Next to mount the image.

  8. 4.png

  9. Wait for the process to complete and click Finish. You may now explore the contents in your backup image via "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer"("This PC" in Windows 10).

  10. 5.png

  11. You can now open the newly created drive and copy/paste the files you need to restore.

  • Once complete you will need to unmount the mounted drives, go back to Explore Image section, select the given drive letters, then click Detach.



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